NBA’s Miami Heat Head Coach storms Philippines!


Well….well…  he is in the Philippines and  this is something I was referring to when in my previous posts I was indeed talking about  being proud of one’s heritage.

Erik Spoelstra, is indeed an embodiment of

Why do I think so?

Simple, he  is trying to reclaim his roots by trying to bring to the Filipino people an NBA style of playing basketball.

That in itself is a testimony that he is indeed proud of the brown race and wants to be associated with Filipinos, as how I see it in his latest interviews on TV – ( GMA and ABS-CBN ).

His accomplishments in United States just as being the Head Coach of NBA’s Miami Heat  alone speaks volume to all Filipinos.

Filipinos loved basketball, so do I, so I guess we can easily relate to this guy.

Another thing, I found out is  that he is the first Asian/ Filipino- American head coach in the NBA, as well as the first Asian/Filipino-American head coach of any North American professional sports team and currently the youngest head coach in the NBA.

Now, what else can we say about that?


Hard-working dude, who made his way up , started as a cameraman for Miami Heat and then now to being the head coach, I guess we all can do that, start from scratch and then worked our butt hard and be noticed  for our tireless efforts at perfecting whatever work it may be after all we are known worldwide as hardworking people with integrity and dignity.

Let’s keep it up that way.

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