Chris Cyborg’s convincing win over Gina Carano is in fact something she must be proud of no matter what people say.

After her win, many people seemed to throw a lot of criticism to her in the MMA circle .

One of the rumors going around is that Chris Cyborg, is a she-male because she look like a man.

Granted, Gina Carano herself is an exception.She really was not at  all muscles commonly known and associated with women in mixed martial arts, and other fitness sports.

I seemed to understand why there is a big dislike over Chris Cyborg and a big preference for Gina Carano. Two fighters, clashed in the ring like titans, but outside the ring, both were very much different from each other.

Gina Carano is likeable, she is a darling  many fans can easily relate to her and her looks summed it all up for women and especially most men to root for her to win over Cyborg.

Chris Cyborg, on the other hand, like many other fighters in the world who do not speak English obviously seems to have a  hard time to connect with mainstream media, who needed an interpreter most times during an interview.

Granted, Chris Cyborg may be lacking on the “looks” department but she gave her best and she overpowered Gina Carano to win the first strikeforce 145lb women’s title.

Her toughness in and out of the ring despite a lot of criticism is something that  I am proud to support.

Hats off to her!

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Remember this face ? 


For some of you who are not big fans of MMA, well she is Gina Carano.

She had been very popular and had a terrific fan base around MMA’s fanatics.

I am one of them.

I think, her good looks heightened her popularity around circles of MMA’s . She is undeniably an MMA superstar with her undeafeted  records.

Last Saturday’s bout with  Cyborg was a dramatic shift in Gina Carano’s winning streak.






She lost to Cyborg and that lost is her first lost in her entire career in the MMA.

Now, after the bout, I was looking forward to hear her side and her plans after that loss, but I was disappointed that there was no interview made on her.

I had been following her career for sometime now, and  I am deeply sad about the thought of never seeing her again in the ring for an MMA match.

She was very instrumental in putting attention on  women’s MMA. I will definitely miss her, hope to see more of Gina Carano but I am afraid that the  sad reality is lurking just around the corner that after the loss to Cyborg, she might  just as well decide it’s over for her…

My fascination with Mixed Martial Arts dates back to my childhood. I grew up surrounded with relatives doing traditional karate as a career.

My Uncle was a Black Belter and so is my Godfather. I remember, as a little girl being with little kids watching and then later on learning the basic martial art routine and motion.

But to my disappointment, we all grew up being strayed away from martial arts and boxing because my father made it clear when we were young, that there’s no career on martial arts .

I still wonder if he was right?

But  the passions of the first lesson and everything I learned about martial arts as a kid remains undoubtedly strong…because how on earth would I know Gina Carano after all, if it was something out of my interests and passions in life.

I am still doing my traditional karate classes but looking forward to stop it for the meantime noticing my membership fees are getting unaffordable for my tight pocket.

In hard times, I just learned to give up a lot of things I used to freely enjoy without worry.

Another look at Gina Carano, she is lovely in this outfit.



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