Happy Holidays !

The hustle and bustle of this holiday season left me with no time at all to update this blog.

The second week of December comes so fast with snowstorms that sent us blanketed with 30 cm of snow and causes major road problems and school closure.

There were christmas parties here and there for school children and so I was busy making sure my son have everything for his school concert, secret Santa  and other classroom activities that left me running around with him in stores looking for the perfect costume and the perfect exchange gift for school.

Then comes the holiday season, invitation here and there, packing presents for family and friends and that explains that this was way busy December for me.

I put on too many shoes, but that is what  makes my life interesting and that is what makes me say for the most part “life is good”.


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This is a time now to sit back and relax with our family and friends.

As I am writing this post on the eve of Christmas in my pajama’s , I thought what a wonderful time to be home with my son, and just do nothing, no routine , no hurry,  no busy kitchen and no crowd, just the two of us.

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For some of you, it might sound quite weird, or maybe you will find the silence deafening, but I had been in this state every christmas for sometime that it does not bother me anymore.

All my family are in far-away countries, scattered all throughout the world map, that it is not possible for annual gathering on this holiday season.

But I still keep the family tradition I grew up with and made sure that the values are intact and long lasting.

I wish everyone a happy happy holiday and in whatever situation you are in, if you try to look at life in an optimistic way, you will find meaning even in the middle of a deafening silence , that’s the irony of it all….trying to find meaning in simple everyday things that’s get left in the dust because of  the hum drum of a busy life.

I look forward to a more bountiful year ahead and hope you feel the same way.

Have fun ! while I try to make a home made lasagna for the first time for Christmas eve tonight.

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