Though, Remembrance Day here in Canada had been on November 11 and I am quite late with my post I still want to stress the significance of that day to so many Canadians.

Every year here in Canada Remembrance Day is solemnly observed.

A day when schools will be closed and some offices and businesses closed for a day too.

This is something many Canadians felt compelled to observed dating back to the second world war when many Canadian soldiers died and even up to this time with many soldiers who lost lives overseas specially in Afghanistan.

Canadian soldiers are best known throughout the world for their peacekeeping roles and the public support for soldiers here is overwhelming.

They are admired, valued and became an important aspect of  Canada as a nation right now.

Every year, hundreds and thousands of people flock places to observed this day whether it be in a school assembly or public gatherings.

One of the  things that reminds me that once again Remembrance day is coming is the sight of a red poppy everywhere.

 and hearing the popular

I am so proud to be in a country where we have dedicated and willing soldiers to carry on the legacy of nation known for peacekeeping role all over the world.



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