If you are currently juggling life, job AND network marketing – I know your struggles. Simply because it is my own struggle.

I personally started out in my network marketing career part-time in 2006 while in the School Division.

Few years passed by, I am still doing it and loving every minute of it looking forward to go full time in time and quit my school job.


I remember myself like this few years back- The first thing I MUST do when doing the business part-time is DECIDE to do it- no matter what I have to do or what I have to learn. If I don’t make this decision first, I will constantly be doubting or questioning myself.

I will not attack every problem with a “solve it ” mentality.

Have you ever been given a job to do, but it wasn’t really firm? Let’s say, you were watching a TV and your mom said to you, “You should be doing your homework”.

Notice the word “should” in that statement?

“Should”  as I see it creates a tiny escape, doesn’t it ? So you think, well, she didn’t say I HAD  to do my homework right now. So with that little escape, you kept watching TV.

When I say making a single decision, I mean  leave yourself NO ESCAPE.

I know this probably seems obvious. But you and I both knew there is doing something….and there is …DOING SOMETHING! So, this is not something you are going to “try”. Not something you’re going to “see” if it works.

When I started it I was like ” I am going to do it, and complete it.

I believe making a single decision to do it and a single decision to learn whatever I must to get effective at doing it – lies the beauty of  doing MLM .

One must be dedicated to it if one wants to reap the fruits.

Where I am at my life right now, I can honestly say I am glad I made a single decision in my life back then.

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