My Personal Thoughts on Halloween Risks.

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It is a time for good goodies again and children all over here are busy and excited about the long running tradition of Canadian children ….trick or treat…

For most parents, there is nothing wrong with the tradition and that it has to continue to be passed on to future generation of children to enjoy with.

I am not a big fan of Halloween, maybe because I grew up in  a place where it is  not so much widely popular for kids at that time, now times were changing and it is now being enjoyed by children.

Why I am not a big fan of Halloween?

I have two reasons.

First, the risks of accidents for children and teenagers specially unsupervised trick or treating in the dark  is present.

Second, too much of the sweet stuff . We all know that children have all sweet tooth, but sometimes during Halloween, you are for sure will be a bit of a shock of the amount of sugar your children will be having for a night.

If  I tell you that  I accompany my son to trick or treat every year and when we arrive home, it is amazing how much sugary stuff is loaded on his trick or treat bag.


Maybe to say it the most but not to exaggerate is  3  months stock of goodies for sugary cravings.

Mostly, when trick or treat is done, I habitually sort out the goodies with my son.

We would have two separate ziplock.

We sort it from the high-sugar content to mild sugar content. ( it is just our own way of sorting it out )

I took away the high-sugary ones. I do not know how you will find it but it does not bother my son knowing that  we had been doing it for years now, so he is happy with the less sugary coated bars.

It is just my way to “police” every sugary content to show how much I wanted my son to learn that indulging in sweet stuff  needs moderation.

Tomorrow, we will go trick or treat again.

I just prepared our costumes and the bags for the goodies.

I expect a load of sweet stuff and a busy street with a children’s giggles.




Every year, Halloween is one of the many events I came to love.

And would you believe it, I always do trick or treat with my son.

Nobody knows once I am dressed in a costume that I am a mother.

The fun thing is that most houses that we do trick or treat-ing thought I am just a big sister to my son.

And my son and I got  bags of goodies-which I would presume most kids are after for when they do trick or treat-ing.

My son and I shared the same passion for love of adventure and experience.

It was the fun and excitement of the experience that we dearly besought every year and not the goodies .

And I want to keep it that way and I want to be remembered  as a fun-loving  mother.

It is a tremendous experience to be once more be child-like and share the fun with your own child, something intangible, something unique in it’s own way, something that will remain in a child’s memory.

And as long as there is Halloween, my son and I will keep that as family tradition until age became a defining factor  for him to stay away from doing the “kids trick or treat” stuff.

The art of trick or treat….as shown in pictures as how it is done here in Canada


my son as a spider man and I am the witch


here's a sample of the art of trick or treat


the other trick or treaters and me standing on the side


checking the goodies after trick or treat

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