Needs versus Wants

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I needed a brand  new winter tires, and my dearest hubby said ” your old all -season tires is in good shape.  I sulk.

My son needed a new  Nike running shoes, and I said your old runners still in good shape.  He Sulk.

Ever find yourself in similar situation?

First of all, I want to establish the fact that we have few actual needs.

Most of what we call needs are really wants.

Certainly we prefer calling them needs because that makes them seem essential to our very own lives.

We might be reluctant to ask for and expect someone to indulge us in whatever we want, but we have no such compunctions against expecting that treatment when our needs are concerned.

So our communication is peppered with the word. “I need that, I need this,” some of us will insists, to which someone will respond , ” No, you don’t “.

There are things, so many of them that we want everyday, or five times a day but  really some or most of these things we can survive very well without.

Probably our actual needs are only food, water, shelter, and medical care. I’d throw in clothing and love, but I suspect we could survive without even those if we had to.

But don’t you think life would be grim if  all we ever had met were our needs?

There is nothing wrong with wanting more, and we have every right to express our feelings, thoughts, and descriptions of what we want out of life.

But the bottom line is …

We simply must recognize the difference between those wants and our needs.

Next time  everyone in my household said, ” I need this or need that”  (including me of course) …I guess someone has to simply evaluate if   there is a need or it is just simply a want.

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