It has been several days already that tragedy struck my beloved home country – the beautiful Philippines.

I was awakened by a phone call from Belgium last early Sunday morning by my sister and informed me about the horrifying news Saturday in Manila.

She told me she saw it in CNN and told me to go online right away and check it out for myself.

We still have families over there, and that was our immediate concern.

I was devastated to see all the destruction and the rushing flood and the stunned people with the look on their faces ” what had come to us?’

All my evening last Sunday was spent trying to contact family over, it was so heart rending to know you couldn’t reach them  and I slept that night disturbed, worried and prayed  that by morning I will be able to hear from them.

I was not lucky with my phonecall attempts but my sister was, last Monday she phoned from Belgium to let me know she got a hold of our family and told me that everybody is safe.

One of my sister, who happened to stay in Ortigas Extension in Pasig City which is one of the hardest hit stayed overnight with her boyfriend in the rooftop and one of my brother who worked in Makati left his submerged car and brave to commute home to Valenzuela City where his wife and one son stays.

I never knew how difficult it would be while I am here in Canada and my sister is in Belgium and we couldn’t be there for our family members to help in this unexpected worst flooding in Metro Manila.

Everyday before work and after work I am glued to net to keep me updated of the situation over in the Philippines.

My sister and I felt that  our other family members are still lucky to be alive and advice them to try even if it is hard to forget about all the personal belongings they may have lost from the flood and be grateful that they were safe.

For the next couple of weeks my sister and  I will be so busy coordinating with the filipino community on how best we can send help and aid to the more unfortunate victims of the typhoon “Ondoy”.

If we look around, it is in my own opinion not an isolated case in the Philippines, because look at the series of events after the Philippine tragedy, here’s the Vietnam news of the of the same typhoon  and then we have the Samoa news and the destruction of the villages being swept flat by the tsunami in the Pacific inland , earthquake in Indonesia and as  even Cambodia had been affected.

This is a call for all of us- ordinary citizens, to highest rank politicians in  any government in any country this points us all to the now number one issue that needs a lot of attention at the soonest possible time- CLIMATE CHANGE

I just wish it is not too late yet for all of us and for all the countries in the world to become aware of this present dilemma no one is  ever protected from when natural tragedy struck- it never choose when and where it will happen.

This is a simple wake up call for me and the destruction I saw even in my sleep is haunting be to more conscious of the environment and what little ways I can do to help alleviate the effect of green house gases to the climate change on earth.

Mayweather v Marquez Weigh-In

Floyd Mayweather Jr. -considered before his retirement as the best pound for Pound Boxer in the world with his undefeated records -finally pushed through the fight that had been cancelled once before.

As of this moment, the result of Saturday’s bout between Mayweather and Marquez was a UD for Mayweather.

Now, that Mayweather is back in the spotlight of the boxing- a lot of people are already wondering what’s next for him?

After a 21 months off the ring, the former pound for pound as described by boxing’s scribes showed no signs of rust with his defensive skills.

Marquez tried everything as best as he could, but came up short with a stronger and bigger guy in Mayweather.

I admired the Mexican’s warrior heart for being able to stand on his toes and lasted the 12 round onslaught.

Marquez came to win but failed in his bid after jumping two weight classes from being a 130 pound fighter.

Mayweather v Marquez Weigh-In

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Terrible Hailstones

Today, I am pretty sad…very sad and disappointed.

I woke up this morning to a scary sound banging our roof and the whole house, the sound was like that of a stone hitting our roof.

It was 4:45 in the clock still dark outside.

I immediately stood up, check the windows and saw it was raining hard and windy and in the darkness of dawn – lightning ripped the sky several times.

I shivered to my surprise when I look up and saw standing near the window…stone-like white pebble…hailstones!  I said to myself  and then it just poured so hard for five minutes and stop .

As soon as it stop my husband immediately open the door and picked some samples of the hailstone and took a picture of it from his mobile phone. And here is how it look like, three samples bigger than the size of a grape fruit.


  It was pretty solid ice when I tried to touched it, since coming over here, this is my first time to really see a hailstone  this size. There had been numerous hailstone  incidents  in the past but not this size, the first thing I was worried about is my car being parked in the yard and watching it being smashed up and torn my heart with regret “how could I not seen this coming”

My car, by morning when we checked it was all pretty smashed up, here’s a picture taken by my husband through his  camera phone after parking it inside the barn.



The back glass window was gone, all broken…now we are in the process of calling Autopac Insurance and see if they will write it off…I am devastated because I have no plans of changing any car sooner, after several car change, I finally found the one that fits my personality, my activites and my daily routines everyday, that is why this 2005 toyota echo had been so valuable for me.

                                                   😦    😦   😦     😦      😦      

We are bracing for another rain and lightning tonight and there is a weather watch in effect now all throughout Manitoba. I will probably be looking at the windows and watched my beautiful garden be completely ruined, as it was already been partly ruined from last night. What a weather….. …………

 I will try to take more pictures and post it here, as soon as my nerves calm down a bit,  this all for now.  😉

Aerosmith Show A No Go In Winnepeg

I lived two hours drive from the venue of the show. Winnepeg, Capital City of Manitoba, Canada.

This morning while driving back home, I heard on the radio the latest update about the said show that unfortunately it is now a no go.  😯

Promoters promised tickets will be refunded for some people who had travelled far and stayed in Winnepeg after it made lots of noise and complains from show-goers.

And then later tonight  Winnepeg fans are asked to hang on to their tickets until a new date was set, so they’re saying it’s a kind of postponement.

The on-again and off-again show, is sending people crazy and in fact, only the Winnepeg show was affected in all the Canadian dates since they will be going to perform in Regina, Saskatchewan on Sunday.

I was one of the many people planning to go but  decided not to because some obligations kept me home.

Two days ago:

WINNEPEG- ” the show will go on”  the local promoter for Friday’s Aeorosmith and ZZ Top Concert at Canad Inns Stadium said this morning.

There was worry already earlier Thursday when Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler fell off a stage late Wednesday night in South Dakota.

He took a few stitches but the show will go” according to Michelle Szeto at Paquin Entertainment.

It had been confirmed that  they’ll be arriving in Winnepeg sometime late last Thursday.

Change of plans.

Wonder if Steven Tyler is okey, wonder if  he was badly hurt that the show  we, Winnepegers , was anticipating for did not materialize.

What about the Winnepeg fans who shelled out between $79.50- $218 per ticket  for  Aerosmith show with ZZ Top.

Madly, sadly, deeply feelings everywhere.

Well, I hope  Steven Tyler, will be able to recuperate sooner than expected for the ” another talk of the show at a different date”  rumors going around my circle’s Aerosmith die hard fans.

I guess he was not 100 percent okey now that the show is a no go.

After Tyler’s mishap, I knew that he suffered minor head , neck and shoulder injuries, I guess it wasn’t minor after all.

I read on the newspaper that Steven Tyler was in the middle of ” Love in an Elevator”  during the show at the Buffalo Chip Campground ( S.D.) when the sound sytem sudddenly failed.

Tyler was said to be keeping the crowd alive during the sound outage by dancing around a catwalk portion of the stage when he fell, back-first, off that stage. 😕

Today is Friday night of a no Aerosmith show here in Winnepeg. 😦

In Memory Of Former President Corazon Aquino

To be nobody but yourself- in a world that is doing it’s best to make you everybody else- means to go on and fight the hardest bettle that any human can fight, and never stop fighting – E.E.CUMMINGS
my son and I in yellow colors contemplating in the coolness of the water at night

my son and I in yellow colors contemplating in the coolness of the water at night


In Memory Of A True Public Servant

A Loving and Devoted Mother

A Faithful Wife
An Icon of Democracy
A Symbol of Faith, Courage, Integrity and Love
                              A Fun-loving Grandmother
                           A True and Honest Citizen
                                The First Ever Woman President
“It will take a lifetime for the  nation to be okey without you”
The Filipino People Lost A Genuine Treasure
You and Your Husaband Will Forever Be Remembered Worldwide
A Simple Tribute From A Simple Person Who Admired Your Courage and Generosity
I Am So Proud Of You
You Made Filipinos Be Proud Of Their Heritage
Thank You and Goodbye
May You Rest In Peace
Yellow for Cory

Yellow for Cory

For the woman I so admired Former Philippine President Cory Aquino- May you rest in peace!

For the woman I so admired Former Philippine President Cory Aquino- May you rest in peace!

yellow lilies
yellow lilies

You’re the futile humble tree

I am the travelling bird of innocence
I came from nowhere
Tired of aviation, I rested upon your mighty branches of understanding
In order to restore myself with the strenght I’ve exhausted
From my previous attempt to reach the sky
In your shelter
I can soar high and make my flights worthwhile
But before I took my flights again,
Allow me to pick a leaf from you that will serve as memoir
That  though I can no longer see you when I already reach the sky
Yet the mirage of the futile humble tree will haunt my thought
That for sometime, somewhere, we’ve touched each other.
This poem was given to me by my brother when we were in University and I had kept the poem for a decade now in an old envelope and suddenly remembered about it and decided to share it here.

Former President Corazon Aquino’s Funeral Record-Breaking In Any Deaths in the Philippines

The funeral procession for the Former President Corazon Aquino dubbed as ‘Icon of Democracy generated at least 300,000 people in attendance, the last similar event close to this number is the death of the assasinated Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. 😯

Filipinos young and old, gathered on the streets, soaked in rain with yellow ribbons and banners  to witnessed a last glimpse of the casket carrying the Former President. 😦  😦  😦

The mourning and adulation from the people is very emotional, people from all walks of life wept in unison, abandoned their job for a while to pay tribute to the funeral procession as it passed by.

The Former President had been finally laid to rest beside her husband. 🙂

The love and respect  outpouring from the public is so touching that while  I am watching the live telecast…I couldn’t help myself but cry. 😥 😥 😥

This woman is a gift from above, she had touched so many lives and even in her death she became larger than life.

She’s definitely an Icon, admired not just in the Philippines but all over the world for restoring the democracy that her assasinated husband died for.

I am in deep grief, wondering what is next for the Philippines, for the lost of a sincere public servant, for the loss of  a loving and devoted mother to her children, for the loss of  a true friend  for  all  the Filipinos from all walks of life. 😦

Most of all, I am thinking, how  the children will ever cope up, losing their father when they’re young and now losing their mother who had been the source of their strenght  and resilience during life’s setbacks.

I just hope and pray that the Aquino children will continue to support  the legacy of democracy their parents had sacrificed for so much.

Farewell, Queen of  Hearts ! I salute you for your endearing love and undying love for democracy. No words of gratitude will ever be enough for what you and your husband suffered and died for.

May you rest in peace. 😥

Big Valley Jamboree- Who’s to Blame ?

Alberta, one of the prosperous provinces of Canada was on the headlines again all over the country.

The devastating thunderstorm that had rolled into the site of the Big Valley Jamboree last Saturday left dozens of injured country music fans and one death.

Thousands of fans screamed and sought cover as the storm broke on the third day of the four-day festival. 😕

The main concert stage had been smashed up and the concert bowl caved in after wild winds hit the popular annual festival in Camrose, Alberta.

The four day concert festival was declared over on Sunday by organizers, after the Saturday’s  mishap. 🙂

Hollywood  actor Kevin Costner and his band Modern West, was said to be getting ready to take the stage at what is billed as Canada’s largest music festival were caught beneath the stage with the sudden hurling storm.


The actor and his manager, Nick Meinama and the band were said to be okey and unhurt.

I believed that Environment Canada, had always been prompt  with their notice when it comes to weather forecast and reports, that had been a reliable tool for me for 5 years living here.


So, Saturday’s severe storm left many thinking who is to blame? 😦

Environment Canada, after all had issued a thunderstorm watch for the area Saturday and a similar watch remained in effect across much of central Alberta on Sunday.Forecasters noted that a line of thunderstorms marching across the region had the potential to produce high winds, hail, local downpours and lightning.

I strongly believe that deaths and injuries occurring from  natural disasters  could still be prevented at times if only people  fail not to take the warnings seriously.

Forbid me, but ignoring  the weather forecasts and watch in effect is a serious stupidity maybe or …plain stubborness  and those actions  can definitely  cause your life or others.

Organizers when asked by reporters  what they would say to people who thought there should have been more notice responded in an irked manner claiming that they followed the procedures for weather fronts as always.

I doubted  it.

If I was an organizer, knowing how much revenue it will boost…I will definitely have the  ” let’s- just- do -it  mentality.

And if I maybe.. a fan who  happened  to be around the Jamboree area, well, I will not let this opportunity pass without having to laid sight on actor Kevin Costner, after all he’s so good-looking the older he gets.

So, who do you think is to blame…the country music festival lovers , ( pardon me but I am a music festival lover too but I practice it with caution at all times, no matter what.. )  or the concert organizers ?

You be the judge! 😉


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