Winter is Finally Here !

Suumer and Fall….officially over.

Today is the coldest day we have here in Manitoba.

We had been blanketed in snow for 2 days .

The aftermath, bad road conditions.

And the annoying fact that most people drive like they thought it was summer.

Accident prone season.

Right now, as I am writing this blog, with  thick socks and sweater , I want to tell you right now that I am not the only one here who hate winter.

I had been wishing for few more milder days but this weather just drop like a bomb and people did’nt even have been able to winterize themselves before today.

It is -20 degree celsius plus a windchill 0f  -25

Ever know how it feels like to be in that kind of weather.

That is the so called Manitoba, Canada weather.

Grateful thinking

I knew I had been gone quite long enough to be able to get back on the very thing that I love best- pouring my mind out and writing it down.

Life can drag us around but I am glad that I found my way back here.

I just want to be thankful that I don’t have everything I desire if I did what would there be to look forward to?

I am thankful for the difficult times; it is during these times that I grew.

I am thankful for my mistakes; it will teach me valuable lessons.

I am trying to find a way to be thankful for my troubles, because I believe they will become my blessings.

Glad to be back writing again…..


Mayweather v Marquez Weigh-In

Floyd Mayweather Jr. -considered before his retirement as the best pound for Pound Boxer in the world with his undefeated records -finally pushed through the fight that had been cancelled once before.

As of this moment, the result of Saturday’s bout between Mayweather and Marquez was a UD for Mayweather.

Now, that Mayweather is back in the spotlight of the boxing- a lot of people are already wondering what’s next for him?

After a 21 months off the ring, the former pound for pound as described by boxing’s scribes showed no signs of rust with his defensive skills.

Marquez tried everything as best as he could, but came up short with a stronger and bigger guy in Mayweather.

I admired the Mexican’s warrior heart for being able to stand on his toes and lasted the 12 round onslaught.

Marquez came to win but failed in his bid after jumping two weight classes from being a 130 pound fighter.

Mayweather v Marquez Weigh-In

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How to put Flag Counter Visitors

free counters this is the one I came up with today.For some reason, I wanted to really have a flag counter visitor in wordpress site.

I had been wanting to have it for a long time, but do not know how to put it since I only know how to email and post a blog, other than that, the rest is a learning curve.

I always envy sites that I visit and then the flag counter pops up, oh nice.

Fellow folks, for any of you who knows how to do it can you drop me a line to suggest how to go about this one.

The Insatiable Girl again….just shows I am never satisfied with the look and feel of my wordpress site and wants to do some make-over.



I had been reflecting lately about popular deaths happening around  just like the rest of you.

Perhaps you have read or watched the tragic event on the death of  many known figures in the past and  in the present.

And maybe just like me, you were dazzled by the aristocratic elegance of  King Of Pop -MJ , the stunning beauty of actress FF , and lately the queenly  power of Former Philippine President Corazon Aquino.

And then just like me, you were suddenly overwhelmed by pity and fear when these aristocratic personas were plunged into their miserable ends, either by a sickness, or by cruel fate.

For they seemed to fall from their glorious days high up in the clouds to darkness of tragedy deep down below the ground.

And then  just like me, a blend of compassion and apprehension devoured your heart.

But when the feeling subsided, you experienced emotional purgation and inner peace.

This is human beauty.                     

But human beauty has human realities.                     

And human reality is so wide, and deep and our immersion in it must not be limited to our purgative feeling in watching the shattering lives of the rich, the famous, and the powerful in the society.

And so, at this point, I would like you to discover, just as I did,  that in the existence of the socially inferior and depressed individuals, me and you can unveil a great meaning of life that can touch both our  hearts and purify our spirits with the same intensity, if not with a greater impact than the tragic downfall of great social figures.

I would like to introduce human realities  that would open both our eyes to the lonely realities of life  that might shake our senses  and teach us how to  take a closer look…


 These lowly individuals are the complete opposites of the grand tragic deaths I mentioned.


 Their’s is another tragedy, for these innocent people do not deserve their miserable fate. The merging of their innocence and misery is great irony.

The very immersion of these innocent victims in the darkness of tragedy enobles their characters, for there is dignity in innocence. And there is more dignity in human beings, who ought to be rewarded for their pure, unselfish inner selves, but are instead punished by fate, by the cruelty of the world.

Their perseverance and resilience- the value that raises their lowly selves from deep down below the ground to a status of nobility high up in the sky.

People as pure as they are seldom found, for they are as rare and transparent as the glass unicorn.

May the beauty of the human heart help us all to listen to their voices in the silence….

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Wow!Lady Larimer

Lately, there had been numerous talks going around about President Obama’s “beer” preferences.

And here’s this Lady Larimer lashing  out  and openly criticizing  the “beer session” at the White House.

Wow, such a display of bravado,   she had at least the guts to burst out what ticks her off.

Can you imagine criticizing the one that leads your country “as better work your butt hard than having your beer party, the nation is in chaos!

Well, all I wanted to point out is at least, she went out her way and speak up…and I guess she did’nt care if  people call her “Whiny Woman” or suffering from attention deficiency or plain stupidity….I guess…she just happen to have the guts to say what she said and to mean what she said.

What do you think ?

Are you ashamed of your heritage ?

I am proud of my heritage. Pardon me if I say that, maybe I am jerk.

Maybe I am the only idiot that feels like that after living in a foreign land and became adaptable  to circumstances beyond my control.

By being adaptable, I learned the tricks of adopting to the way of living, thinking and all sorts of stuff you just have to do to fit in.

Sometimes, I tried so hard that I put hockey on top of my favorite sports and made my long love basketball and boxing as mere secondary because they’re not as popular in the little community I belonged now.

Everybody talks about hockey, I would be plain stupid to talk about boxing or basketball when there’s even no sight of a basketball court or boxing gym around except one  community rink  adored by 100 percent of the people I came to live with.

I remembered having  to put up with going to watch hockey  on a freezing night of -40 plus windchill because I am the only person at home with my little boy watching the latest Dela Hoya and Pacquaio boxing fight on a cold winter night.

Sometimes it felt like I have to juggle, to straddle between cultures, trying to maintain my traditional values and customs and conforming to norms and practices of the new beloved land of maple leaf.  

But I do not agree with people saying that everytime I am proud of my heritage and proud of the people in my lineage for their accomplishments and recognitions on the world stage – be it music, boxing, basketball, politics, education, whatever field it is,  is considered a betrayal to my new land.

I would be gladly the one talking about and sharing about these people that make me proud of my heritage.

You know what , I don’t really care what people say nowadays , I had heard the “look at this stupid Asians’ for a hundred times in my life here directed to some of my fellow  Asian  brothers and sisters, honestly, but it does not affect me anymore …that’s okey…after all they can never make me bury my traditional values and customs lineage, my heritage, the source of my dignity as a person lies on it all.

I would rather be different than conform to be accepted.

What’s the sense of democracy if we can not live a dignified life keeping our own traditional values and customs while at the same time conforming to the laws and practices of our second home?

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