Something New

Today, is a chilly day.

Fall is soon to be gone.

Bare trees, dark and dreary clouds, and below zero temperatures remind me that winter is just around the corner.

I still notice a flock of birds in the sky flying in a hurry to migrate to warmer places.

I never like winter. The extreme cold brings chapped lips, dry skin and hair, most of all there is some little wisps of loneliness in it.

Limited social gathering, limited outdoor activities and risky driving conditions could send my emotional stability spiraling down a bit out of control during the long cold winter days and nights here in Manitoba.

Sometimes, long winter can test your sanity, but once you are able to emerge victorious by being able to handle the physical discomfort it brings , you will be able to find it easier to tackle getting your over all sense of being in check.

Now, is the time for me to prepare for more lip smackers, nourishing lotion, and a pair of boots and mitts .

I just hope for a more warmer winter this year in Manitoba.

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