Canadian Men earned big honours on the international stage

Men of Canada, take a well-deserved bow.

It was a spectacular week for this four typically humble Canadian men.

Actor Ryan Reynolds, the 34 year old son of a Mountie, was named People magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive – the first Canadian ever to earn that title.

Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto was named the National League MVP.

Justin Bieber claim the Artist of the year award at the 38th Annual American Music Awards on Nov.21

Rapper Drake, the former star of the” Degrassi: Next Generation was honoured by GQ as the breakout man of the year.

Four Canadian-born, Canadian-raised, Canadian-educated guys- baseball superstar Joey Votto, pop-music sensation Justin Bieber, Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Reynolds and actor/singer/fashion icon Drake – have each  shot to the top of their respective fields in the past few days and are now basking in an international spotlight.

For this shining moment, no matter how brief it might prove to be, Canadians should take note that we were able to produce four  typically humble men, in a way this country has never seen, or perhaps dreamt possible.

They say, nice guys sometimes…finish first.

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