I am blogging because my man thinks he is more intelligent because he can add up a column of figures more accurately and because he can understand the imbecile jargon of the stock market, and because he is able to distinguish between the ideas of rival politicians of this era.

But as I mentioned for the tenth time on deaf ears, these are not really signs of a profound intelligence; they are, in fact, merely superficial accomplishements , and their acquirement puts little more strain on the mental powers than a chimpanzee suffers in learning hot to catch a penny or scratch a match.

I decided to shut up and just blog where I do not need to persuade, convince and influence someone to listen to my marginal pensive reflection of certain facts or phenomena in the religious, social and political sense, my ignominious idealism of philosophy and literature and lastly my lethargic thoughts about immigration, women’s issues and the children of today.

The voice from within….I can’t stop it…..

I need to write it down.

and a cyberblog has been born from the insatiable woman inside of me.

 Feel free to whine at bombshell_09@live.ca, I will gladly be willing to accomodate any whining as long as I can take it with good heart and humor. 🙂


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