Are we really becoming a no -bath society?

Here in  Canada, we do have some weird weather sometime.

It can be super cold, in fact last year we have a – 40  degrees celsius that schools have to closed because buses are not running.

Granted that you live in a country like mine, are we suppose to forget about those daily showers either long or short ?

If you asked me if  daily showers becoming a thing of the past.

I would say  yes.

I am sorry to say this but for some people it can be .

In fact, I had been noticing this trend for a while, did you notice it ?

In the past few years beauty companies have subtly begun catering to the unwashed crowd.

We have multiple hair care brands that introduced spray-on dry shampoos, which masks an oily appearance and our not-so- fresh consumers with an extension on their next hair wash.

We even have a fabric refresher which make our  dirty jeans and stinky t-shirt underarms smell as if  they’re fresh from the wash.

And the fashion industry is popularizing the “unclean fad”  with  the grunge look , messy and disheveled hair and layer clothing.

What else can I say?

And here’s the catch why this trend is so popular.

It had been said that there are some real benefits to it.

For example less showering  is eco-friendly according to some groups.Doing so makes us use less water and cleaning products.

Second, there is a physical benefit. Infrequent scrubbing can actually be beneficial to both our hair and skin.Washing too often may be stripping away our skin’s essential oils, which can lead to dryness.

Granted that these can all be considered real benefits.

But  daily showering makes me feel good and clean.

Besides, messy hair and body odor is completely offensive .

Lastly, I do not want to be someone who everyone secretly thinks smells!

Would you shower or skip ?

You be the judge.

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