I had been contemplating lately what must I really do.

It had been few days now since I was handed a letter and a form to fill out from school.

It is an immunization form I needed to complete and sign for the upcoming school base immunization for grade 4 students.

My son happened  to be in Grade 4 and here in Manitoba, Canada they have a school based immunization program.

Since 1998, grade 4students have been given Hepatitis B vaccinations in the school.

In 2004, grade 4 students were offered two additional vaccines in addition to Hepatitis B.

The additional vacciness are Meningococcal C vaccine and Varicella vaccine.

Immunizations in Manitoba are voluntary and only given with the consent of parent or legal guardian.

I know what the purpose of vaccines are  but the effectivity of the vaccine is something that had haunted me for years.

I am in a crossroad.

I hope I can find the answer in the next few days to come, by then maybe I am ready to give or not to give my consent.


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