Remembering Diana, the mother of  Princes William and Harry is one of the joyous moment every August.

She’s a jewel, one of a kind, that we lost so soon.

People all over the world, not just in England, pay tribute endlessly. The love and adulation from the public is unbelievable and one that I am proud to take part and continue.

Elton John’s newest rendition of ” Candle in the Wind” suits her fate perfectly.

0000302395GettyImageProxyCAYG05ADShe was never perfect, yet with gentle true human heart that had touched so many people’s heart.

She was herself troubled, yet reached out in her own best possible way to touched the lonely marginalized people in our soceity.

Behind the celebrated fashion trendsetter she was, she humbled herself down for the poor,needy human being whom she felt a connection with.

I had always admire her beauty, inner and outer.

She’s a beautiful person, a mother, a woman.

People from all walks of life was able to relate to her, young and old, men and women….her death solidified the truth that after all, she really was the “People’s Princess”.GettyImageProxyCA4D1C67





In her untimely death, she left with us two beautiful people, that will forever make us remember her in many ways.


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