Beyond what you See!

To most of us life is a kind of a drag.

Busy lives left us exhausted, and drained.

We multi-task , wanting to do all things at the same time.

When this happen, we are so wrap up with all the demands and expectations from us that we forget to simply stop and look to simple things that get neglected in the dust.

Sometimes when we are so busy we missed a lot of  simple things worth looking at.

I know that most of us are practical, down-to- earth people. No one would argue about that.

But also, most of us are deeply spiritual people  who can see the profound in many of the basic elements of our world.

To many of us, buildings aren’t just concrete and glasss.

They’re an expression of human ambition, human creativity and human fear of mortality.

This deep perspective gives us an insight into everything we see.

Hope we do not lose it, hope we can always find time to see the beauty of simple things around us.

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