Life’s Delay

I knew I should have been writing more….should have put down every thought before life’s reality sets in and extinguish it to nothing.

Each day there are a  million thoughts processing in our head, some are odd, some are harsh, some are worth to be written down and some are worth to be forgotten.

I live in a roller coaster kind of life….and sometimes…I tend to let life snatch away that ultimate chance for renewal and growth.

I let life drag me down sometimes…work commitment…family commitment…meeting other people’s expectations….and pleasing the people that matters to me.

I find myself going with the flow of life….but sometimes…I felt the need to stop that flow abruptly for some genuine reflections of what I am up to…

We are human beings, and part of the problem is we are by nature, INSATIABLE.

That inner drive of getting what we wanted so bad for ourself creates a war within.

I realized, the secret to being at peace within ourselves- is by knowing, accepting and believing who we really are and not complying to social pressures of wanting to be someone who were’nt us.

I am glad to be able to fully reconnect within myself during the long holiday break.

I felt reenergized.

Having a “choice” in life is a gift from above something I felt  I should never taken  for granted.

Happy reading everyone, glad to be back again.



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