Time flies by.

Kids grew up quickly

Friends move away soon

This is the reality of life.

Life sometimes can be unfair.

The only thing good to do about it -is to triumph with effort  on every brink of hopelessness and despair.

Sometimes, we only knew how strong we are once we survive life’s ordeal- good and bad.

When was the last time I took the time to ponder about life ?

Long lost times ….

My pondering moments are getting more and more lately….


Our careers have taken away so many precious moments to stop and reflect about it.

Until  then we realized, we can’t stop the clock and reverse our life back.

Don’t let your job take away your precious time meant to spent to the people that is close and important to you. ….sometimes we lose that wonder…and sometimes we only found ourself again after something really either bad ot terrible that we tend to get back to our senses.


Sometimes, when we lose our way…that is when really  find our way…

After all I went through , I finally found I am a stronger person.


At the start of making this blog, I wanted to put my thoughts , just all of it…it liberated me of the burden I had so long carried with me…and in the process found and form some friendships here.

I want to appreciate everyone’s little precious time spent on  reading my entries. Though it still puzzles me to see that I have lots of  visitors from all over the world, the thought alone made me realize that we can find friends in any way, in any manner, in any mode….there is always someone we are destined to meet that will make us smile.

Life is short.

I felt I have no right to take it for granted…I can only wish….to be grateful each day.



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