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My weekend getaway is comprise of an invitation down north- Swan River  from Brandon where I live.

The trio of us, my husband and eight year old boy drove at early dawn, we just tasted the first ever snowfall in Manitoba last Friday.

The road was stiff and slippery while passing through Riding Mountain National Park .

And look what we saw…..to my surprise….my husband snapped pictures with his camera phone.IMG00253


This ugly beast is something I came to dread after  last year’s tragedy within my husband’s  family.

My brother in law including his pregnant wife and two children struck a moose in Kitimat, British Columbia.

The tragedy left my sister in law with some physical deformity even after all the surgeries she underwent.

She was never the same again, I was devastated and heart broken, I lost a coffee date, only time can tell if  she will ever cope up and live just the way she had lived and just the way I  came to know her.

She is still in a rehabilitation facility and the progess is quite slow and yet amazing.

The sight of these moose brought back all the pain, anxiety, worries and helplessness at the thought of my coffee date, my friend’s tragic fate.

I have never seen a moose in real life and this was my first glimpse of it, after the accident I remember myself searching the net for “moose and moose accidents” because I really do not know how they look like. Most account of moose accidents I saw were quite deadly and it left  some fear inside of me and made me become a cautious driver after the incident in the family.

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