It has been several days already that tragedy struck my beloved home country – the beautiful Philippines.

I was awakened by a phone call from Belgium last early Sunday morning by my sister and informed me about the horrifying news Saturday in Manila.

She told me she saw it in CNN and told me to go online right away and check it out for myself.

We still have families over there, and that was our immediate concern.

I was devastated to see all the destruction and the rushing flood and the stunned people with the look on their faces ” what had come to us?’

All my evening last Sunday was spent trying to contact family over, it was so heart rending to know you couldn’t reach them  and I slept that night disturbed, worried and prayed  that by morning I will be able to hear from them.

I was not lucky with my phonecall attempts but my sister was, last Monday she phoned from Belgium to let me know she got a hold of our family and told me that everybody is safe.

One of my sister, who happened to stay in Ortigas Extension in Pasig City which is one of the hardest hit stayed overnight with her boyfriend in the rooftop and one of my brother who worked in Makati left his submerged car and brave to commute home to Valenzuela City where his wife and one son stays.

I never knew how difficult it would be while I am here in Canada and my sister is in Belgium and we couldn’t be there for our family members to help in this unexpected worst flooding in Metro Manila.

Everyday before work and after work I am glued to net to keep me updated of the situation over in the Philippines.

My sister and I felt that  our other family members are still lucky to be alive and advice them to try even if it is hard to forget about all the personal belongings they may have lost from the flood and be grateful that they were safe.

For the next couple of weeks my sister and  I will be so busy coordinating with the filipino community on how best we can send help and aid to the more unfortunate victims of the typhoon “Ondoy”.

If we look around, it is in my own opinion not an isolated case in the Philippines, because look at the series of events after the Philippine tragedy, here’s the Vietnam news of the of the same typhoon  and then we have the Samoa news and the destruction of the villages being swept flat by the tsunami in the Pacific inland , earthquake in Indonesia and as  even Cambodia had been affected.

This is a call for all of us- ordinary citizens, to highest rank politicians in  any government in any country this points us all to the now number one issue that needs a lot of attention at the soonest possible time- CLIMATE CHANGE

I just wish it is not too late yet for all of us and for all the countries in the world to become aware of this present dilemma no one is  ever protected from when natural tragedy struck- it never choose when and where it will happen.

This is a simple wake up call for me and the destruction I saw even in my sleep is haunting be to more conscious of the environment and what little ways I can do to help alleviate the effect of green house gases to the climate change on earth.


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