This is a follow-up for the one I previously posted.

After a careful thinking it over I finally summed up my feelings as like these :

 Should I respond to this email? No

There are two good reasons for not responding at all. Deleting the mail is the best thing to do with it.

1.If I do answer, I am telling the scammer that the email address( mine) is active. That isn’t something I want to do because…

2.If I answer, I am asking to be put on the scammer’s mailing lists. Scammers sell or trade lists of email addressess with each other, as soon as I reply, I am going to get more scam mails. I won’t get off their list very easily. Even if the scammer doesn’t give or sell my email address to other scammers, the scammer probably has other “modalities, or characters, who will start emailing me with a variety of other email scams.

In short, I delete it. I don’t ever bother telling them that I know they are a scammer. I resist the temptation.

Once in a while I get spam mail. No one seems to be able to avoid it. Getting an email from someone I don’t know isn’t that unusual. If I try to delete every such mail, I am I guess not going to have to worry about a scam.

One thing that made me more suspicious is the free email servers used to send me the email.

A legitimate business company, a bank, or a government agency will never use free email servers, no matter what. That is because a legitimate company has a registered “domain”, and  usually you will see if it is an organization it uses “org” – a government agency will often have something like “gov” followed by the 2 letter national code such as  .”us” or .”uk” etc.

If it looks like business and it has a free email server, it’s a scam. My best bet. Delete it.



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  1. JenifFer
    Sep 29, 2009 @ 10:56:49

    May bAD experience aq jan. Kaya ayoko na maALALA. Nai2yak lng aq.

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