How to put Flag Counter Visitors

free counters this is the one I came up with today.For some reason, I wanted to really have a flag counter visitor in wordpress site.

I had been wanting to have it for a long time, but do not know how to put it since I only know how to email and post a blog, other than that, the rest is a learning curve.

I always envy sites that I visit and then the flag counter pops up, oh nice.

Fellow folks, for any of you who knows how to do it can you drop me a line to suggest how to go about this one.

The Insatiable Girl again….just shows I am never satisfied with the look and feel of my wordpress site and wants to do some make-over.


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  1. exodians
    Sep 01, 2009 @ 07:31:02

    Hi Brown99. Try this out.

    1. Click Dashboard

    2. Click Appearance

    3. Click Widgets

    4. Drag and Drop Text: Arbitrary text or HTML to your side bar.

    5. Paste the code.

    6. Click Save

    That should work.

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