Terrible Hailstones

Today, I am pretty sad…very sad and disappointed.

I woke up this morning to a scary sound banging our roof and the whole house, the sound was like that of a stone hitting our roof.

It was 4:45 in the clock still dark outside.

I immediately stood up, check the windows and saw it was raining hard and windy and in the darkness of dawn – lightning ripped the sky several times.

I shivered to my surprise when I look up and saw standing near the window…stone-like white pebble…hailstones!  I said to myself  and then it just poured so hard for five minutes and stop .

As soon as it stop my husband immediately open the door and picked some samples of the hailstone and took a picture of it from his mobile phone. And here is how it look like, three samples bigger than the size of a grape fruit.


  It was pretty solid ice when I tried to touched it, since coming over here, this is my first time to really see a hailstone  this size. There had been numerous hailstone  incidents  in the past but not this size, the first thing I was worried about is my car being parked in the yard and watching it being smashed up and torn my heart with regret “how could I not seen this coming”

My car, by morning when we checked it was all pretty smashed up, here’s a picture taken by my husband through his  camera phone after parking it inside the barn.



The back glass window was gone, all broken…now we are in the process of calling Autopac Insurance and see if they will write it off…I am devastated because I have no plans of changing any car sooner, after several car change, I finally found the one that fits my personality, my activites and my daily routines everyday, that is why this 2005 toyota echo had been so valuable for me.

                                                   😦    😦   😦     😦      😦      

We are bracing for another rain and lightning tonight and there is a weather watch in effect now all throughout Manitoba. I will probably be looking at the windows and watched my beautiful garden be completely ruined, as it was already been partly ruined from last night. What a weather….. …………

 I will try to take more pictures and post it here, as soon as my nerves calm down a bit,  this all for now.  😉


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  1. badugiz
    Aug 15, 2009 @ 07:12:53

    what a storm! that happens a lot here in belgium during winter but not at this month, our climate is really in trouble now. anyway, you have to get in touch with your insurer for possible claims.goodluck..

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