I had been reflecting lately about popular deaths happening around  just like the rest of you.

Perhaps you have read or watched the tragic event on the death of  many known figures in the past and  in the present.

And maybe just like me, you were dazzled by the aristocratic elegance of  King Of Pop -MJ , the stunning beauty of actress FF , and lately the queenly  power of Former Philippine President Corazon Aquino.

And then just like me, you were suddenly overwhelmed by pity and fear when these aristocratic personas were plunged into their miserable ends, either by a sickness, or by cruel fate.

For they seemed to fall from their glorious days high up in the clouds to darkness of tragedy deep down below the ground.

And then  just like me, a blend of compassion and apprehension devoured your heart.

But when the feeling subsided, you experienced emotional purgation and inner peace.

This is human beauty.                     

But human beauty has human realities.                     

And human reality is so wide, and deep and our immersion in it must not be limited to our purgative feeling in watching the shattering lives of the rich, the famous, and the powerful in the society.

And so, at this point, I would like you to discover, just as I did,  that in the existence of the socially inferior and depressed individuals, me and you can unveil a great meaning of life that can touch both our  hearts and purify our spirits with the same intensity, if not with a greater impact than the tragic downfall of great social figures.

I would like to introduce human realities  that would open both our eyes to the lonely realities of life  that might shake our senses  and teach us how to  take a closer look…


 These lowly individuals are the complete opposites of the grand tragic deaths I mentioned.


 Their’s is another tragedy, for these innocent people do not deserve their miserable fate. The merging of their innocence and misery is great irony.

The very immersion of these innocent victims in the darkness of tragedy enobles their characters, for there is dignity in innocence. And there is more dignity in human beings, who ought to be rewarded for their pure, unselfish inner selves, but are instead punished by fate, by the cruelty of the world.

Their perseverance and resilience- the value that raises their lowly selves from deep down below the ground to a status of nobility high up in the sky.

People as pure as they are seldom found, for they are as rare and transparent as the glass unicorn.

May the beauty of the human heart help us all to listen to their voices in the silence….

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