Cancer- Killer Disease Nobody Is Exempted!

I think it is just timely for me to talk about cancer in this post today. 😉

Just recently, I  became a  mature student studying diet, fitness, nutrition and preventive medicine, I came to know about the deadliest diseases humanity is faced with today.

I am undergoing gruelling researching, reading and studying  just so I could pass my courses in a distant-study-mode.

Why I suddenly want to talk about it ?

The sad passing of the First Woman President in Asia, dubbed as the “Icon of Democracy ”  left me thinking that none of us can escape cancer.

We are all vulnerable to this disease, young or old, rich or poor, black, brown or white.

The Former Philippine President had been diagnosed suffering from colon cancer sometime in 2008. Since then, she had been battling with the disease and then underwent several therapies and preventions but was unsuccessful because it had spread to some organs in the body.

The death of the Former President sent the whole nation in utter grief. The President that the Filipino people came to love, respect and adore  who had been known worldwide for the famous non-violent  People Power Revolution is a nation’s lost, big lost perhaps.

She had been so instrumental in restoring peace and democracy and even in her retirement she was sought after for advice when the country’s political situation threathens  the freedom and democracy her husband died for and she fought for.

She was not an exception to the disease called cancer, like the rest of us.

As we all know, today, Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide.

There is a major concern that cancer may overtake heart disease as the number one killer.

After adjusting for factors like longevity, studies had shown that there are considerably more cancer deaths now than there were in the past.

Experts have proven links between diet, obesity and environmental factors for different types of cancer.

We know smoking increases the risks of lung cancer, eating too much red meat increases risks of colon cancer, chewing tobacco increases the risks of oral cancer, and sun exposure increases the risks of skin cancer.

Everyday we read in newspapers, magazines, the internet about a new carcinogen. Carcinogens increase free radical production, and when these free radicals bombard the DNA of the cell, the cell may undergo changes that allow a mutation.

The cell will replicate out of control, and then the cancer will become clinically evident.

The evidence is overwhelming that nutritional scientists that I know of  believe eating fruits and vegetables with their variety of antioxidants is a powerful defense against cancer.

To be honest, it can be quiet scary and disturbing to know how the human body can be so vulnerable to this disease that had plagued humanity for the last decade.

There had been numerous studies conducted that is related to cancer prevention and early detection but medical literatures barely showed no history that our modern science  and advance technology made constant and continuos  success at early detection period, which could be very beneficial in treating it at the onset and could provide more success rate for survival than late stage cancer discovery.

Humanity had yet to win the battle with this disease, even with the advent of popular chemotherapies worlwide still we are groping in the dark on how to stop the emergence of cancer as the deadliest disease worldwide.

The overabundance of  information on  “how to”  and ” what to” in our media left us all in a state of confusion, who do you trust your health to?

I guess, all of us need our very own sound mind and wise judgement in what would work for us in protecting ourselves  and decreasing our cancer risks.

Just my thought. 😉


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