Aerosmith Show A No Go In Winnepeg

I lived two hours drive from the venue of the show. Winnepeg, Capital City of Manitoba, Canada.

This morning while driving back home, I heard on the radio the latest update about the said show that unfortunately it is now a no go.  😯

Promoters promised tickets will be refunded for some people who had travelled far and stayed in Winnepeg after it made lots of noise and complains from show-goers.

And then later tonight  Winnepeg fans are asked to hang on to their tickets until a new date was set, so they’re saying it’s a kind of postponement.

The on-again and off-again show, is sending people crazy and in fact, only the Winnepeg show was affected in all the Canadian dates since they will be going to perform in Regina, Saskatchewan on Sunday.

I was one of the many people planning to go but  decided not to because some obligations kept me home.

Two days ago:

WINNEPEG- ” the show will go on”  the local promoter for Friday’s Aeorosmith and ZZ Top Concert at Canad Inns Stadium said this morning.

There was worry already earlier Thursday when Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler fell off a stage late Wednesday night in South Dakota.

He took a few stitches but the show will go” according to Michelle Szeto at Paquin Entertainment.

It had been confirmed that  they’ll be arriving in Winnepeg sometime late last Thursday.

Change of plans.

Wonder if Steven Tyler is okey, wonder if  he was badly hurt that the show  we, Winnepegers , was anticipating for did not materialize.

What about the Winnepeg fans who shelled out between $79.50- $218 per ticket  for  Aerosmith show with ZZ Top.

Madly, sadly, deeply feelings everywhere.

Well, I hope  Steven Tyler, will be able to recuperate sooner than expected for the ” another talk of the show at a different date”  rumors going around my circle’s Aerosmith die hard fans.

I guess he was not 100 percent okey now that the show is a no go.

After Tyler’s mishap, I knew that he suffered minor head , neck and shoulder injuries, I guess it wasn’t minor after all.

I read on the newspaper that Steven Tyler was in the middle of ” Love in an Elevator”  during the show at the Buffalo Chip Campground ( S.D.) when the sound sytem sudddenly failed.

Tyler was said to be keeping the crowd alive during the sound outage by dancing around a catwalk portion of the stage when he fell, back-first, off that stage. 😕

Today is Friday night of a no Aerosmith show here in Winnepeg. 😦


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