Former President Corazon Aquino’s Funeral Record-Breaking In Any Deaths in the Philippines

The funeral procession for the Former President Corazon Aquino dubbed as ‘Icon of Democracy generated at least 300,000 people in attendance, the last similar event close to this number is the death of the assasinated Senator Benigno Aquino Jr. 😯

Filipinos young and old, gathered on the streets, soaked in rain with yellow ribbons and banners  to witnessed a last glimpse of the casket carrying the Former President. 😦  😦  😦

The mourning and adulation from the people is very emotional, people from all walks of life wept in unison, abandoned their job for a while to pay tribute to the funeral procession as it passed by.

The Former President had been finally laid to rest beside her husband. 🙂

The love and respect  outpouring from the public is so touching that while  I am watching the live telecast…I couldn’t help myself but cry. 😥 😥 😥

This woman is a gift from above, she had touched so many lives and even in her death she became larger than life.

She’s definitely an Icon, admired not just in the Philippines but all over the world for restoring the democracy that her assasinated husband died for.

I am in deep grief, wondering what is next for the Philippines, for the lost of a sincere public servant, for the loss of  a loving and devoted mother to her children, for the loss of  a true friend  for  all  the Filipinos from all walks of life. 😦

Most of all, I am thinking, how  the children will ever cope up, losing their father when they’re young and now losing their mother who had been the source of their strenght  and resilience during life’s setbacks.

I just hope and pray that the Aquino children will continue to support  the legacy of democracy their parents had sacrificed for so much.

Farewell, Queen of  Hearts ! I salute you for your endearing love and undying love for democracy. No words of gratitude will ever be enough for what you and your husband suffered and died for.

May you rest in peace. 😥


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