Big Valley Jamboree- Who’s to Blame ?

Alberta, one of the prosperous provinces of Canada was on the headlines again all over the country.

The devastating thunderstorm that had rolled into the site of the Big Valley Jamboree last Saturday left dozens of injured country music fans and one death.

Thousands of fans screamed and sought cover as the storm broke on the third day of the four-day festival. 😕

The main concert stage had been smashed up and the concert bowl caved in after wild winds hit the popular annual festival in Camrose, Alberta.

The four day concert festival was declared over on Sunday by organizers, after the Saturday’s  mishap. 🙂

Hollywood  actor Kevin Costner and his band Modern West, was said to be getting ready to take the stage at what is billed as Canada’s largest music festival were caught beneath the stage with the sudden hurling storm.


The actor and his manager, Nick Meinama and the band were said to be okey and unhurt.

I believed that Environment Canada, had always been prompt  with their notice when it comes to weather forecast and reports, that had been a reliable tool for me for 5 years living here.


So, Saturday’s severe storm left many thinking who is to blame? 😦

Environment Canada, after all had issued a thunderstorm watch for the area Saturday and a similar watch remained in effect across much of central Alberta on Sunday.Forecasters noted that a line of thunderstorms marching across the region had the potential to produce high winds, hail, local downpours and lightning.

I strongly believe that deaths and injuries occurring from  natural disasters  could still be prevented at times if only people  fail not to take the warnings seriously.

Forbid me, but ignoring  the weather forecasts and watch in effect is a serious stupidity maybe or …plain stubborness  and those actions  can definitely  cause your life or others.

Organizers when asked by reporters  what they would say to people who thought there should have been more notice responded in an irked manner claiming that they followed the procedures for weather fronts as always.

I doubted  it.

If I was an organizer, knowing how much revenue it will boost…I will definitely have the  ” let’s- just- do -it  mentality.

And if I maybe.. a fan who  happened  to be around the Jamboree area, well, I will not let this opportunity pass without having to laid sight on actor Kevin Costner, after all he’s so good-looking the older he gets.

So, who do you think is to blame…the country music festival lovers , ( pardon me but I am a music festival lover too but I practice it with caution at all times, no matter what.. )  or the concert organizers ?

You be the judge! 😉


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