Wow!Lady Larimer

Lately, there had been numerous talks going around about President Obama’s “beer” preferences.

And here’s this Lady Larimer lashing  out  and openly criticizing  the “beer session” at the White House.

Wow, such a display of bravado,   she had at least the guts to burst out what ticks her off.

Can you imagine criticizing the one that leads your country “as better work your butt hard than having your beer party, the nation is in chaos!

Well, all I wanted to point out is at least, she went out her way and speak up…and I guess she did’nt care if  people call her “Whiny Woman” or suffering from attention deficiency or plain stupidity….I guess…she just happen to have the guts to say what she said and to mean what she said.

What do you think ?


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