Are you ashamed of your heritage ?

I am proud of my heritage. Pardon me if I say that, maybe I am jerk.

Maybe I am the only idiot that feels like that after living in a foreign land and became adaptable  to circumstances beyond my control.

By being adaptable, I learned the tricks of adopting to the way of living, thinking and all sorts of stuff you just have to do to fit in.

Sometimes, I tried so hard that I put hockey on top of my favorite sports and made my long love basketball and boxing as mere secondary because they’re not as popular in the little community I belonged now.

Everybody talks about hockey, I would be plain stupid to talk about boxing or basketball when there’s even no sight of a basketball court or boxing gym around except one  community rink  adored by 100 percent of the people I came to live with.

I remembered having  to put up with going to watch hockey  on a freezing night of -40 plus windchill because I am the only person at home with my little boy watching the latest Dela Hoya and Pacquaio boxing fight on a cold winter night.

Sometimes it felt like I have to juggle, to straddle between cultures, trying to maintain my traditional values and customs and conforming to norms and practices of the new beloved land of maple leaf.  

But I do not agree with people saying that everytime I am proud of my heritage and proud of the people in my lineage for their accomplishments and recognitions on the world stage – be it music, boxing, basketball, politics, education, whatever field it is,  is considered a betrayal to my new land.

I would be gladly the one talking about and sharing about these people that make me proud of my heritage.

You know what , I don’t really care what people say nowadays , I had heard the “look at this stupid Asians’ for a hundred times in my life here directed to some of my fellow  Asian  brothers and sisters, honestly, but it does not affect me anymore …that’s okey…after all they can never make me bury my traditional values and customs lineage, my heritage, the source of my dignity as a person lies on it all.

I would rather be different than conform to be accepted.

What’s the sense of democracy if we can not live a dignified life keeping our own traditional values and customs while at the same time conforming to the laws and practices of our second home?


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  1. darbs
    Aug 01, 2009 @ 05:09:05

    In the early years of 2000, I was so ashamed of my heritage.

    But lately, I am beginning to feel good and proud.

    It started with the rise of Charize then Manny then from there… here i am hoping to make difference sa lupang tangnang lupang iyan pinupugaran ng… wait… not yet… maybe next time. hehehe.

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