The Women of Today’s Generation

Let’s face it, time did change everything in our society as a whole, as the human race evolve, so as our society and it’s ideologies and world views.

I want to focus on just one subject – TODAY’S WOMEN.

To me, it’s been always profoundly perplexing to discover how the modern woman of today emerge into being.

I believe, women did not long remain adrift.

There had already been born about the middle of the eighteenth century, the person who in her writing was to give them a new sense of direction.

This direction,  though greatly heartening to many, was in the main  illusory because of the prevalence of  strong societal  patriarchy.

The birth of the women’s liberation was occurring and it put women further and farther than ever off the course.

But the fact did not become fully apparent until after an interval of time.


Before proceeding it seems advisable to stress briefly my points:

First, the modern drive to achievement of all sorts, in a panic-stricken way was never before seen in human history.It is globally widespread and affected not  just men but  present day women. 

To support my claim, Women of this generation are more educated and accomplish than before, furthermore, more women  than in the past have recently begun to obtain advanced degrees in traditionally male-dominated fields.

The struggle of women to attain higher education is one manifestation of  this manic drive that I was referring to in the previous statement.

This  attempt to break away from sexually stereotype low-paying jobs generated an increase in awareness of the women’s capability in social , political  and religious sense.

I could say that it led to the production of few if not many influential women in the history of the world and their contributions can not be taken for granted. 


Second, unhappiness in the present period of history is incredibly profound and widespread and is expressed in various forceful ways.

Usually in the past, unhappiness is attributed to war and economic difficulty.  But this is far too simple.

Neither of these is a decisive factor in the cause of most contemporary personal unhappiness and serve only to intensify it.

They are often, the added straws that break the back of human endurance.

Now, let’s have a look at this:

Conflicting, irreconcilable demands are being made on women by present-day industrial society-capitalist, democratic, or however it may be politically garbed.

These irreconcilable demands threw them into considerable confusion as they attempt to comply.

Their resulting inability, provoked as well by deep inner reactions to childhood circumstances and pressures, is closely link, both as cause and as effect,  with widespread modern unhappiness. ( this last point I made, still stands as a mere assertion, evidence for it remains to be presented I believe.)

Those two points I have cited above posed many risks of debating tables, I know that if I want to talk broadly about it,  lapses will always be inevitable because we all have varying levels of self-opinion.

 I welcome any window of any discussions and disagreements  with my realistic or maybe unrealistic ( for others ) assumptions above.

On my next post, I want to dissect deeper to the mysteries behind the modern woman of this generation.



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