Change of Heart

I woke up this morning and as usual, find the urge to go check my wordpress blog and read it, I do, honestly, after posting something I have the habit of rereading it wondering what the heck, I was talking about?

I wasn’t very impressed with what I found, it’s just a litany of glimpses of my own personal journey through life…was this I came to blog for? …I ponder for a moment and then words came rushing through my brain with the word “no” not at all…that was’nt the plan.

I planned for a more sophisticated presentation of my idealogies and world views to suffice and convince part of my brain that it does make sense to put to writing anything that grants me self-pleasure.

That’s the word, self-pleasure.

I am blogging primarily because of that, and today is the day…I want to shift into  different things that matter most other than personal journey through life.


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