When I reflect about being married, I felt marriage is probably the biggest challenge we face in life.

In my opinion, it needs more thought, care, attention and energy than most other jobs we take on.

Pardon me, if  I am putting marriage in the same category as cleaning the bathroom, taking the trash out, putting on an eight-hour day in a stock market or building a house.

I believe acknowledging marriage as work isn’t necessary unpleasant, once we recognized it is a task-oriented process, we can tackle it with enthusiasm and make it satisfy us in so many ways.

I do not imply that marriage is only as rewarding as taking out the trash.

I truly believe it can be the most rewarding occupation in the whole world.

Marriage must be considered a responsibility that requires attention if it’s going to fly. It can and should be fun in the process.

Don’t ever think that I have achieved perfection in my marriage, because it simply is not true. It’s not even possible.

Many of us have to work very very hard to keep a relationship rewarding to both parties.

It’s never going to be easy improving relationships.

Wink and I are different in so many ways, it’s downright remarkable from time to time we get along well at all.

I know he suffers as much as I do from time to time, but both of us  are committed to our relationship and we’ll keep hanging in there until we improve things.

With two people constantly changing and growing- in opposite directions-it’s an enormous challenge to keep readjusting the dynamics of living together.

At times, I used to think before that people I knew who wanted me to marry simply wanted me to be yoked. Stop having adventures, they were saying  be bored and predictable like us.

Now, I think  they wanted to see me married because they wished me well. They wanted me to have a reason to stay home.

I never regret the choices I made. I still believe in myself and I still have faith in my capabilities.

Life isn’t perfect, it’s a blend of joy and sorrow but whatever life leads me, it’s because of a PURPOSE……



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  1. darbs
    Aug 01, 2009 @ 16:57:37

    browny99, marriage life is not easy. The way you describe it is so true. From Christian perspective, just imagine you are not you or me or I anymore. The two of you become one. It is easy to say but to live such concept is I should say a mystery by itself.

    I guess the most important for me in marriage life is the quality time, compromise – the give and take, the trust, being independent yet dependent with each other…

    Now marriage life will become challenging if kids will come in.

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