The Awakening







I owe much to my friend, but all things considered, it strikes me that I owe even more to my enemies. The real person springs to life under a sting even better than under a caress. —ANDRE’ GIDE 


While I struggle to find an acceptable equilibrium in my life, I acknowledges the progress I have made, ” I’ve opened up”.

 My life is changing… this is only the beginning.

In the summer of 2006, I discovered the art of gardening.

When I started gardening. I wanted space for the barbecue and clothesline as well as my dreamed-of perennial beds, but I didn’t know where to begin.

So, I started with an island of bed near the entrance way to our property.

It looked like a flower-covered grave.

The rest of the yard was a disconnected wasteland-the sandbox in one corner, the clothesline in another, the barbecue whereever we happened to be.

It took me two years to realized that planning  a successful garden is really a matter of organization, of allowing form to follow function.

  IM000248trying times

trial garden
After 2 years:

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