Before the Big Move



It was the toughest year to walk away to leave my family and friends in search of a new life in Canada.

Being a mother changes a lot about how I look at life.

For me, mothering is a selfless act, one in which I am willing to make sacrifices for the betterment of my child.

At 26 years old, my son was a product of  an uncommitted relationship.

I ended up needing to earn double  income to keep the boy out of  poverty.

It was then begins the awesome tasks of making both work and home function smoothly.

Spending a day at a full-time job is often enough to exhaust anyone.

But for a single mom, work can feel like only the first job of the day.

Then come errands, after-school activities, mealtime, laundry and bathing.

A toddler needs care and supervision all the time and there is no partner to take turns with.

After work, I needed to give my son extra attention to smooth the transition from my parents to mommy and then take care of all the evening, nigh time and early morning responsibilities.

It was during these times that I did a lot of thinking about the lifelong commitments I wanted to make.

I want more for my child than just a healthy body.

I want my child to have a life filled with friendship and love and high deeds.

I want him to be eager to learn and be willing to confront challenges.

I want him to grow up with confidence in the future, a love of adventure, a sense of justice and courage enough to act on that sense of justice.

I want him to be resilient in the face of  the setbacks and failures that growing up always brings.

My fondest hope is that the quality of his life will be better than my own and my innermost prayer is that my child will have all my strength and few of my weaknesses.

Life holds no promises as to what will come my way.

I must search for my own ideals and work towards reaching it.

Life makes no guarantees as to what I will have.

 It just gives me time to make choices and to take chances and to discover the mysteries of life.

I never lost faith in my abilities, even when things get rough.

I always believe in myself, because I know life is a precious gift in which anything is possible.


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