Look back III-Arrival


gravel road

gravel road


I have arrived at a place I call home by accident, without a map or by design.

It was a 6 acre rural property about two hours from Winnepeg.

Huge open spaces, it was a sight I will never forget.

The vast land tells me to slow down and focus on the natural wonders that fill our everyday lives.

I was drawn to the place and it ignited some passion deep inside of me.

I was determined to recreate those fantastic gardens from my childhood.

I had a real passion for growing things, I can traced the roots of my green thumb from my father.

I lack previous rural experience and the multitude of tasks in this new venture of living a country life  appear daunting.

A single acre is 43,650 square feet and transforming it into a little Eden entails considerable plotting, planting, weeding and mowing.

Why acreage life?

Though it promises a tranquil country home and greater access to nature  and space, deep down I knew I was not ready for it.

I dearly love the city life and  I knew I would miss the city sophistication and access to many  amenities readily available to city dwellers.

It was a turning point in my life and I felt I needed to keep an open mind and open heart at all times because I knew I am going to learn a lot.


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