A Look Back IV

My little boy

my son at 4  when he first arrive in Canada

my son at 4 when he first arrive in Canada

 At age four, he moved to Canada with me.

He had never known any other place but his original home.

At his age, the change was both exciting and frightening.

His step-dad provided us with an important tie to the familiar.

My son and I learned about the new community together; the stores, the library, the post office and the favourite place, the park.

He depended on me to interpret these new places for him.

He missed my sisters terribly and the rest of my family who had been with him all the time while I do my daily job back home.

I could tell he was glad to have me to be with him to answer all his questions.

Gradually, he became comfortable  with his new environment.

My husband and I decided it was time for him to spend regular amounts of time with other children of the same age.

When we enrolled him in a nursery school, it took a while before he gladly interacts with other children.

Sometimes, when it is pick up time, he would be teary-eyed as soon as he sees me.

But eventually he settled into a routine and he has grown fond of the people at school.

He is such a smart little kid who was so affected by all the sudden changes and yet readily embraced it willingly. 

New dad, new school, new home, new country.

In a long term relationship with people in my family, he develop a “family-like” connections.

My mother, sisters and my brothers are part of his day helping to teach and reinforce life’s early lesson.

Many times, I felt guilty. I went on to marry his step dad  and in the process  I neglected to recognized the depth of such ties he made with my real family in the Philippines when I made changes of moving to Canada.


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